2017 is your Year to Organize! (and we can help!)

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    2017 is your Year to Organize! (and we can help!)

    Organization of your house means making a plan, assessing your needs, sorting and boxing, banish the rest.  The organization shelving kits from Rhino Shelf will expand your storage to accommodate all of your sorted items.  You will love your storage, and reclaim your house!

    The Organization Plan - Assessment

    Assess your belongings

    Walk through your house, your garden, your garage.  And the Attic and Basement!  Take notes!  What is the nature and extent of the stuff overload living in your home? 

    Assess your storage areas

    Take another walk, with a fresh notebook.  See all the nooks and crannies that are cluttered?  Or empty?  Or the huge shelf above the washer and dryer that has only short containers on it, leaving 4 ft of empty space above?  Write down all existing and potential storage areas.

    Can you 'grow' your storage areas?  With the Rhino Shelf storage shelving kits, you sure can!  The do-it-yourself shelving system is designed for anyone to install!  You can create garage organization shelves on every wall of the garage, add laundry room shelving, over-the-work-table shelves, sewing supply shelving, craft storage and craft room shelves. 

    • Identify available wall space.
    • Pick a Model that best fits your available wall space. Select one or more of the 4 basic models and add an extension when space is available.
    • Measure available wall space to determine appropriate length for the kit, referring to our How To Measure Guides for more information.
    • Order (Fast processing & Free Shipping)
    For virtual assistance in designing your system, call 888-542-2683 to schedule an appointment for the unique customer service experience via Skype or FaceTime!

    The Organization Plan - Sorting

    Sorting should have two purposes - organization of the things you do want to store, and banishment of items you really should banish.

    Household items to keep and store in an organized manner

    • Clothing (out-of-season clothing, children's hand-me-down candidates)
    • Seasonal decoration (for Christmas, Easter, Halloween)
    • Household file archives (tax records, personal documents, family information and files)
    • Sentimental and keepsake items (old yearbooks, children's' schoolwork and report cards, photos)
    • Luggage
    • Sporting goods (bicycles, skis and snowboards, skates, camping equipment, outdoor game sets)
    • Children's storage (outgrown baby equipment, toys, children's keepsakes, grandma's toy chest items)
    • Sewing, hobby and craft equipment and supplies (sewing machine, fabrics, hobby supplies)
    • Party and hospitality supplies (coffee urn, paper goods, extra glasses, punch bowl, seasonal tablecloths, card tables, extra chairs, extra beds and bedding used for houseguests)
    • Less-used cleaning equipment and supplies (carpet steam-cleaner, window cleaning poles and squeegees, automotive cleaning supplies)
    • Tools and hardware (hand tools, power tools, hardware items, ladder, garden tools, auto repair tools and supplies)
    • Original packaging for computer, audio and video components (keep packaging for items under warranty; toss packaging for out-of-warranty items)

    Household items you should banish 

    • Ugly figurines, decorative objects, old floral containers and gifts you will honestly never use
    • Unused small appliances (any small appliance that's been used less than 5 times in 2 years)
    • Excess kitchen equipment (novelties, give-aways, again, things you will never use)
    • Non-working anything (broken items, tools without handles unusable stuff)
    • Unusable clothing (worn-out children's clothes, two-sizes-too-small women's clothing, men's clothing from the 1970's)
    • Construction leftovers and debris
    • Excess furniture that is just 'in the way'

    Important notes for your list - circle Banishment Candidates with a big marker and resolve to move them out!  Methods include donation to charity, holding a yard sale, or hauling them all to the dump, but the goal is the same: get them out of your limited storage space to make room for the legitimate stored items!

                                                          Your belingsBefore organizing your house

    The Organization Plan - Banish and Box

    Now for the working phase - room-by-room, shelf-by-shelf, you're going to rout out your storage areas.   Pull out currently 'stored' items, one area at a time.  banish the rejects (DO IT) and box everything that will be stored - tools in one box, seasonal decor in others - go look at that first list again, of the categories of items to be stored.  Sort items using boxes and tubs that will fit your new storage system.  LABEL the boxes and tubs. 

    Now you can put your newly organized storage items on your new shelving - garage organization kits and shelving kits make the organization so much easier!  And seasonal sports items can be hung from the Bicycle Hangers and Bow Hangers from the shelving system. 

     When all is said and done, you will have FOUND your missing items, your 'space', your sanity, and reclaimed your house!


     Now organized in your garage!!