Connect with Us Online!

  • Connect with us online (or over the phone)

    Connect with Us Online!

    (Or over the Phone)

    Got a question or a problem?  Call us!  (Or contact us by contact form, email, facetime, google hangouts, skype, facebook message, etc., etc.)  Suspending our natural humbleness for a moment, our customers are continually telling us that we have the best, most responsive customer service they have ever experienced.

    Around the office, we joke that our company motto should be "Rhino in Response."  We take this very seriously.

    What type of questions do we get?

    The most common are simply questions about garage configurations and choice of particular model kits and clearances needed.  We can easily walk you through a methodical approach to choose the optimum design to fit your garage, and specify the exact lengths and kits required.

    In second place are questions about specific or technical installation details:  How to handle specific wall stud configurations, specific tool use and installation techniques, different wall construction such as concrete or block walls, wood selection, clearances and heights especially in low ceiling garages, handling specific obstructions, modifying component lengths and hole placements, substitutes for 2x4s for shelving materials, and so forth.  We've seen or done it all and can share our experience with you.

    Almost as common are questions about the features and benefits of our shelving system.  Weight limits, warranties and guarantees, wall mount vs ceiling suspension, expanding the shelving system with add-ons in the future.  This category would probably be more common, but maybe we've done a good job with this on our website?  Questions in this area almost always help us add more or clearer explanations on the website.  Thanks and keep sending them!  We appreciate your questions and any ideas and suggestions you may have.  In fact, this is how the new Rhino Mini Shelf came about!

    People also ask marketing and shipping questions, inquiring about discounts available, shipping times and procedures for specific locations, and other logistics concerns.

     Last is a collection of miscellaneous inquiries too numerous to go over in detail, such as susceptibility to termites, ability to stain or paint the boards, different colors of shelf components available (sorry - white powder coat only), local installers -- absolutely anything you want to know!  There are no dumb question.  As a matter of fact, some of these are the most interesting and enlightening questions we get.

    So . . . talk to the Rhino today!  We are a phone call/video/contact form away.