Hook 'em, Hang 'em, & Store 'em!

  • Garage organization ideas by adding hooks to your garage shelf

    Hook 'em, Hang 'em, & Store 'em!

    Problem: What to do with..............garden implements, bikes, wheelbarrows, ladders, hunting and sporting equipment, etc.?  The list is endless and the piles on the garage floor get  bigger and bigger!

    Solution: Convenient Storage: Of the items you need to keep handy or just put away, Rhino Shelf is an asset.  Utilizing above the shelf and underneath the shelf, a lot of items can be neatly stored and organized!

    Hanging Accessories:  Easy as 1-2-3 with Rhino Shelf.  A variety of items can be hung from the Rhino Shelf system(s) using inexpensive, but effective hooks, fasteners, straps, etc.  These can be purchased from local hardware or big-box stores.  Get those fishing rods & reels untangled and stored away neatly.  Put up you sports equipment - bags, rackets, etc. Organize your bikes, ladders, kayaks, and other items that are bulky and take up lots of floor space. Add baskets for small items like kids balls, skates, gloves, etc.

    So easy to organize and make a new home for things you love and need to store with care.  Use the wall space in your garage - Garage wall space is usually wasted space and it's already paid for.  Save money on off-site storage units.

    Love your garage with Rhino Shelf!