Milk Crates for RhinoMini Shelves

  • Milk crate storage on Rhino Mini Shelves.

    Milk Crates for RhinoMini Shelves

    When we designed the new RhinoMini Shelf, we had the standard milk crate in mind when we chose the shelf dimensions.  Shown here is a 4-Ft RhinoMini with four milk crates stacked on it.

    Here are the dimensions of the 4-ft Mini Shelf section:

    The width of the RhinoMini Shelf is adjustable to fit your actual stud spacing.The standard milk crate is about 18 5/8" long, 12 7/8" wide and 11 inch

    es high.  Even if you've "snugged" your Mini directly underneath another Rhino Shelf, you will have at least 12" inches clearance between the shelf and the top bracket, and you can fit three wide on each shelf section.  If you have at least 22" clearance above the shelf, you can fit the milk crates two high.

    Milk crates for Closet or Garage Storage/Organization

    Milk crates are available locally at your big-box stores and container stores.  The average cost if around $6. 

    We use a slightly more sturdy milk crate from the Farm Plast company in New Jersey.  They make a totally quality product and we have been quite pleased with their customer service.  Their website is  They cost about a dollar more, but you'll also have to pay shipping of at least $3 per crate east of the Mississippi.  If you're not on the east coast, you might want to find another, equally high-quality source if you can in order to contain your shipping costs.