New Product Announcement: The Rhino Mini!

  • The new Rhino Mini Shelf

    New Product Announcement: The Rhino Mini!

    All right, all right, all right … we give up! Due to overwhelming demand, we are pleased to announce the new RhinoMini Shelf.

    Laundry, Craft Room, Sewing Room, Closet Storage

    For use under the regular, full-sized Rhino Shelf… for those places in your garage where you need a smaller shelf… for other stand-alone applications around the house such as the laundry room, closets, etc.… the new RhinoMini fits the bill.

     New Rhino Mini is 20 inches deep to enhance your garage storage capabilities

    Our regular shelf is 33 ½ inches deep, designed to fit the largest 30 and 35 gallon totes. Our new Rhino Mini is 20 inches deep. The regular shelf is designed to hold 650 pounds or more per four foot section.

    The new RhinoMini holds … about 650 pounds! And therein lies the tale …

    We've actually had prototypes of this shelf installed at our houses for three or four years. I've got them in my laundry room, for example, but I've got a six pound box of detergent sitting on it. I thought the shelf was a bit of over-kill. Why would anyone want a shelf with this capacity in their laundry room or closet?

    We have been enlightened about this “overbuilt” notion by our customers. Seems that we can manufacture and sell the RhinoMini for five or ten dollars more than the equivalent wire shelf “closet organizing system.” You know the ones were talking about. The cheap, consumer-grade, made in China, junk that usually collapses on you after six months or a year.

    The RhinoMini will never do that when installed per our simple instructions. We use the exact same wall fastening system, bolts and aerospace aluminum components as our full-sized Rhino Shelf. You know the ones where we've never had a product failure, or even a single complaint in over ten years of use.

    Turns out folks are willing to pay five or ten bucks more. You do get what you pay for.