Measurement Guide: Wall to Wall Rhino Shelf Kit Copy

Garage Storage Shelving - Measurement Guide

Our Measurement Guide has complete measuring instructions to determine the size you will need for a Wall to Wall  Rhino Shelf Kit 

To download a copy of this Measurement Guide, click here. To download a copy of this Measurement Guide, click here. (572 KB)

Wall to Wall Models are designed to fit on any wooden stud framed wall that is unobstructed from corner to corner.  They are also commonly used above garage doors if there is sufficient ceiling height.

First, you will choose a height for your shelves. The standard is 84" from the floor, but you can install your shelves at any height that best fits your garage’s ceiling height. You must allow a minimum of 24" above the shelf to the ceiling for the diagonal supports (see inset below).

Then, measure the available open wall space at that height.

Measurement Guide:Wall to Wall Rhino Shelf Kit photo 1

Measurement Guide: Wall to Wall Rhino Shelf Kit photo 2

Choose the next larger four-foot multiple length (4', 8', 12', 16', 20', 24', 28', 32' etc.) that fits within your open space. For example, if your open wall space measures 19 feet, order a 20-foot Kit. (Naturally, a shorter kit of any of the other models would also fit within the available space.) We will configure your kit to cover any length you specify as long as it is evenly divisible by 4.



Measurement Guide: Open-Open Rhino Shelf Kit photo 3

Note: There is no need to locate specific wall studs at this time. When you receive your shelf kit, you will attach the brackets to the appropriate studs closest to 48 inches apart (every third stud if they are about 16” apart, every second stud if 24” on-center). This will result in each self section being approximately 48”. You will then measure each shelf section and cut your 2x4’s to fit your actual spacing for each section.

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