RECLAIM YOUR GARAGE..... with shelving for organization and storage!


Make Space for Your Car or Truck!

UTILIZE AVAILABLE SPACE...... with wall-mounted shelving in your garage, workshop, barn or shop


Garage Walls, Work Shop Walls, Barn Walls, etc.

ORGANIZE AND DECLUTTER...... your garage and workshop


Additional Storage - Items Easily Accessible!

ENGINEERED STRUCTURAL SYSTEM for your garage and workshop storage


Increase your home's value.

Rhino Shelf Structural Storage Kits!

The Do-It-Yourself Garage Shelving System Designed for ANYONE to Install

  • Accessible Interior Storage

    Easy to access stored items, environmentally controlled storage, protected from weather extremes and vermin infestation. Eliminate need for off-site storage

  • Easy Installation

    Designed for simple, one-person installation by the average home handyman or woman. Easy to follow pictorial installation guide included.  Components are pre-assembled and clearly marked. Help?

  • Easily Customized - Various Size Options

    Accommodates any garage dimensions. Two depths and various lengths in all models. Rhino Shelves do not require expensive proprietary hooks or fasteners.  There are hundreds of affordable fasteners and hangers available at any big box or hardware store.  

  • High Load Capacity

    The strongest, highest load-capacity shelves on the market.  Specifically designed to accommodate the larger 30-35 gallon stackable totes.

  • Structural Engineered System

    Complies with all building codes; actually strengthens existing structure. 1000's of installations with absolutely no structural failures.

  • Durable, Commercial Grade

    Aerospace aluminum alloy strength with both light weight and tensile strength of steel, with durable attractive powder coating finish.

  • Adaptable to Any Structure

    In addition to garages, Rhino Shelf is suitable for storage buildings, workshops, sheds, barns, stables, etc.; anywhere high capacity storage shelving is needed.

  • Additional Storage Increases Home’s Value

    Adding additional storage options for the homeowner is a value added feature. The Rhino Shelf also reinforces the structure increasing structural integrity.

  • Wall-Mount Design

    Rhino Shelf structural shelving is safe and well engineered. Not ceiling hung, maintains structural integrity and does not violate home warranties or static load ratings.

  • Sleek, Attractive Design

    Aesthetically pleasing and versatile.

  • Made in the U.S.A.

    All design and manufacturing is done in the U.S., using materials sourced only from U.S. suppliers. Rhino Shelf will not deviate from this commitment.

  • 100% Satisfaction - Guarantee

    Lifetime warranty included with every purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the undamaged kit and we'll refund in accordance with our Return Guidelines. 10+ years in business without a complaint or dissatisfied customer.


Rhino Shelf Garage Storage Easy Installation
  1. Choose the wall(s) where Rhino Shelves are desired.
  2. Pick a model that best fits your available wall space. (Visit our Catalog)
  3. Measure available wall space to determine appropriate length for the kit, referring to our How To Measure Guides for more information.
  4. Order (Fast Processing & Free Shipping)
For virtual assistance in designing your system, call 888-542-2683. We would love to schedule an appointment for a unique customer service experience via FaceTime or Google Hangouts!
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MID-WALL SHELVING KITS - the Rhino Shelf & the Rhino Mini Shelf

  • Rhino Shelf Open-Open Kit - 4'

    Rhino Shelf Open-Open Kit

    Open-Open models are universal shelving kits that fit in an unobstructed space on any wall. These kits are not attached to a corner and are specifically designed to fit between windows, doors, water heaters, stairway bump-outs, and any other obstructions.  With a 33.5" shelf depth, Open-Open kits are available in 4’, 8’, 12’, 16’, 20’, 24’, 28’, 32’, etc. lengths.

  • The New RhinoMini!

    Product Update!

    A smaller version of the Rhino Shelf with the same great benefits & features! 

    It's an ideal option for miscellaneous applications!

    Learn More
  • Open-Open Rhino Mini Shelf Kit 4'

    Open-Open Mini Storage Shelving Kit

    Open-Open Mini models are universal shelf kits and with a 20" shelf depth (front to back), is a smaller version of the Rhino Shelf. Designed to fit any unobstructed wall space, the Rhino Mini can be placed underneath the Rhino Shelf or in stand-alone applications. The Open-Open Mini is available in 4', 8', 12', 16', 20', 24', 28', 32' etc. lengths. For additional Mini models, contact Customer Service, (888) 542-2683.


  • Open-End Right Rhino Shelf Kit 4'

    Open-End Right Garage Storage Shelving Kit

    Open-End Right Models are designed to fit from a left corner to any obstruction (windows, doors, water heater, etc.) on the right.  They can also be combined with the Left Return Model to form an "L" shaped unit.  Open End Right Kits may be installed in multiple locations based on garage wall space. With a 33.5" shelf depth, Open-End Right Kits are available in 4’, 8’, 12’, 16’, 20’, 24’, 28’, 32’, etc. lengths.

  • Wall-to-Wall Rhino Shelf Kit 4'

    Wall-to-Wall Storage Shelving Kit

    Wall-to-Wall kits are designed to fit from corner to corner when there are no obstructions. The Wall to Wall model can be combined with either a Left Return Extension or Right Return Extension model, to form a "L" shelf or both, to form an "U" shaped unit.  With a 33.5" shelf depth, these kits are available in 4’, 8’, 12’, 16’, 20’, 24’, 28’, 32’, etc. lengths. These work well over garage doors when ceiling height permits.

  • Open-End Left Rhino Shelf Kit 4'

    Open-End Left Garage Storage Shelving Kit

    Open-End Left models are designed to fit from a right corner to any obstructions (windows, doors, water heater, etc.) on the left.  They can also be combined with Right Return models to form an "L" shaped unit.  Open End Left kits may be installed in multiple locations based on garage wall space. With a 33.5" shelf depth, these kits are available in 4’, 8’, 12’, 16’, 20’, 24’, 28’, 32’, etc. lengths.


DIY Not for You?

Do you want the incredible storage capacity of Rhino Shelf but don't want to do it yourself? Our kits are simple to install for a local handyman,  friends and relatives, or any home maintenance services online (like Angie's List, Home Advisor, Porch, etc.). Rhino Shelf kits arrive pre-assembled, and along with our easy to follow pictorial QuickStart guide, installation is a breeze!

If you live in the Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill area of NC or anywhere within a 75-mile radius of our facility in Angier, NC, we offer factory installation services! Our professional installers are happy to come to your home and install our durable and versatile shelves. Please call (888) 542-2683 for pricing information!

We are also available to assist or answer any questions via FaceTime or Google Hangouts. --- Rhino Shelf Structural Garage Shelving is your solution!


What Our Customers Say

Rhino Shelf has been an answer to all my garage space issues. They are extremely durable...... The process of getting them installed.....getting garage measured to installation....was seamless. I highly recommend Rhino Shelf as the best garage storage solution.

This is my second order from Rhino Shelf and I LOVE the product!

It's great! We finally have our garage organized and it created tons of additional space. Highly recommend. 

These shelves are super strong and very well made.  Wasn't too difficult to install.  Just find the studs, drill pilot holes, then mount on the wall. You will need a drill, a level, a stud finder and a saw for cutting the 2x4s (or you can have the hardware store do that for you). Once they are up, they aren't coming down. They look good too. Super pleased with this purchase.

These brackets are great. Very well made. Comes with all hardware. Put them up and load them up. Simple design. Sees expensive, but if you tried to build yourself with retail components, factoring in time....It's a no brainer. You will not regret getting these shelves.

Thank you so much for your assistance in designing my Rhino Shelf configuration. Your product is absolutely perfect, and it allowed me to actually fit three vehicles in my small three-car garage.

A really, really good product. Solid shelving and it helped me get some items out of the basement and out to the garage (and off the garage floor).

Thanks......We love our new shelves - definitely helped with organizing our garage!

The shelves look and work great - second house/second set!

Excellent product. Had a follow-up question with Rhino Shelf support and it was answered promptly.  Great customer service! American made product.