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Award Winning Garage Storage Shelving System

Rhino Shelf, an award winning garage storage shelving system, is designed to transform garage spaces.  With an engineered wall-mounted design that can be customized to fit any garage, it is structurally sound, affordable, easy to install, functional, and proudly made in the USA.

Rhino Shelf storage shelves were primarily designed for garage storage; however, they may also add storage capacity to workshops, tool sheds, barns, etc. They are versatile and provide additional storage to any structure. Rhino Shelf storage options are a home improvement project that adds value, offers easily accessible storage, has a pleasing design, and frees up garage space for vehicles.  

Structural Wall-mounted Shelving Systems 

The Rhino Shelf structural wall-mounted shelving systems was developed in 2004 for local builders /contractors who wanted to add storage to their new home construction as a value added feature.  NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) offered value input during the design process, including a suggestion to increase the depth of Rhino Shelf to 33.5" to accommodate the 30/35 gallon stackable totes and using wood cross members to allow for attaching an array of items with affordable hooks, straps, etc. from local hardware or big box stores.  Together these enhanced the features and functionality of Rhino Shelf systems.  Rhino Shelf structural garage shelves are first quality and customize-able to fit any garage or structure.

Rhino Shelf began offering DIY (Do It Yourself) kits in 2010.  Made of powder coated aerospace aluminum and easy to install, they offer the home handyman (or woman) an affordable, commercial grade system that does not compromise, but strengthens, the structural integrity of their home.  Rhino Shelf's engineered, wall-mounted design complies with all building codes while providing strong and voluminous storage! Sold in 4' sections, each section can easily accommodate 600 lbs plus!  To simplify installation, Rhino Shelf packages assemblies pre-assembled and marked clearly for easy identification.  The pictorial QuickStart installation guide provides simple and easy to follow instructions.

The functionality of the Rhino Shelf structural garage shelving system expands beyond voluminous storage 'on' the shelf.  A variety of items can easily be stored from the wooden cross members using cost effective hooks, straps, and various other attachments found at local hardware or big box stores. Yet another way to safely organize items and keep them 'off the floor' and easily accessible.  Rhino Shelf is an affordable storage option that allows the homeowner to use their garage for what it was intended - their vehicle(s)!  Go to our photo gallery for ideas from our customers.

Superior storage shelving system 

Customer Service and 100% Customer Satisfaction is first priority for Rhino Shelf.  In addition to offering a superior storage shelving system, Rhino Shelf, ........

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